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DemonHammeR joins Lesbian, Tacos!, and Roland @ Sunset Tavern 3/21/15 

All of us in DemonHammeR are excited to announce our next show, where we will be opening in support of our very talented and very METAL friends in Lesbian, Tacos!, and Roland (who are making the trip up to Seattle from their hometown of San Francisco). Don't miss this rowdy good time at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard.



Sunset Tavern
5433 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107Buy tickets

Tickets: $8
Facebook Event Page

Metal Skate III Recap from Cat Rose 

Andy and Cat Rose write There's Something Hard in There, a great blog about music, booze, books, sports, and life. Cat took the time to post their photos from the event and write up a great recap of Metal Skate III at Southgate Roller Rink:

Metal Skate: Horns Up, Hell on Wheels 

Big thanks to Andy and Cat, and another round of gratitude to the folks at Southgate, the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds, Ex-Gods, and Tacos! for a great night.

DemonHammeR in METAL SKATE III @Southgate Roller Rink 2/13/15 

Friday the 13th is the perfect day to crush your foes at METAL SKATE III. DemonHammeR appears with  TACOS!  and  Ex-Gods  at this special benefit for the  Tilted Thunder Rail Birds. Come join us at  Southgate Roller Rink  for a night of headbanging and grab a beer with all of the bands afterwards at this 21+ fundraising event.



Southgate Roller Rink
9646 17th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Tickets: $15 (includes skate rental)

DemonHammeR w/ Lord Dying, Great Falls, and Curse of the North @Highline 1/24/15 

DemonHammeR is joining forces with the honorable Lord Dying, Great Falls, and Curse of the North to throw another rowdy show at the  Highline  in Seattle. Spend your Saturday night being branded by the hot irons of four great bands.

Lord Dying
Great Falls
Curse of the North


The Highline
210 Broad Ave E
Seattle WA 98122

Tickets: $9