The Legend of DemonHammeR

From the dark heart of Seattle comes DemonHammeR, the Pacific Northwest's offering to the gods of heavy metal.    

Featuring chaotic riffs and a callous disregard for sobriety, DemonHammeR blends influences from classic 70's and 80's bands into raw sonic power. The band now seeks loyal recruits for its growing ranks of fans. Join up, and wield the mighty hammer alongside with us.

DemonHammer is:
Jon Weisnewski - Vocals
Daniel Hammer- Guitars
Cam Eckhardt - Drums
Gwen Stubbs - Bass
James Tsai - Guitars

Special Thanks:
Jeff McNulty - Recording Engineering and Production
Nat Damm - Additional Songwriting
Joe Ross - Additional Songwriting
Scott Shepherd - Logo Design and Artwork
Invisible Hour - Show Photography